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I added the name of the person talking and their role on screen as people have asked me to do that so they know who is talking, hope it helps!

Today we check out a new Shooter that kind of came out of NOWHERE; Caliber. Made by Russian devs this game is pretty big in Russia but mostly unknown as far as I have seen in North-America and Europe. I got some of my buddies to join me for a few PvE and PvP games, here is the PvP gameplay I recorded on my first day! The way the Operators work is really well done with different Special Forces and CTUs represented in the game. Each “Faction” has 4 classes, Assault, Support, Medic and Sniper and they each have different stats, weapons and abilities. Today I played as “Sputnik” the Russian SSO Support character!

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Hi! My name is Samuel, what’s up? I am 27 years old and live in Canada (I am Dutch though!). Thanks for checking out my channel. I upload a wide variety of games in 1440p60, including but not limited to Gates of Hell, Men of War (Assault Squad 2), ARMA 3, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, The Wargame Series, SQUAD, Post Scriptum, Heroes and Generals & Company of Heroes! I try to maintain a healthy balance between fun and tactical gameplay, mixing videos with tips, tricks and random gameplay that can be from any game!

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