This Open World Shooter is now an Open World FPS, thanks to mods.

Low Fidelity Realism seems to be a really popular trend at the moment, with “realism”, “real life” and “immersive” all being words we see more and more often popping up on YouTube. And honestly, I’m pretty fascinated by it I must admit, since I first saw a glimpse of that Unrecord footage on Twitter all those months ago. This is less about trying to capture that Unrecord level of realness, and more about breathing a different bit of life into the Ghost Recon Wildlands experience we’re all probably very used to by now. Hope you enjoy! Like for the algo, sub if you’re new!

Crussong’s Bodycam Reshade for Ready Or Not:

ZEDD’S Bodycam Reshade for Stalker Anomaly:

Ghost Recon Wildlands First Person Mod:

Remove Detection And Hit Sounds:

Thanks to these lovely people for letting me use some of their footage check them out!

Music from MusicBed (ref link, 1 month free trial):
Music from Epidemic Sound (ref link, 1 month free trial):

Music by Avery Alexander:
Music by Scott Buckley – released under CC-BY 4.0.
Some music written by myself & from other games

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