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Welcome to a new era of FREE elite sniper shooting games. You are a frontline commando soldier in Sniper kill: Army Sniper. An army man who shoots and kill enemies by headshots in this global war.

Some ruthless traitor army commando brigade did a rebellion,foe commando soldier want to silent assassin massive army commando shooterand they are stealing oil in big 6×6 oil tankers and 4×4 army jeeps. So take revenge, stop killers be a Top US Army Sniper and complete every military mission.As you are a commando ops and specializes in headshots aim for modern warfare and firearms, an army shooter 3d who performs fierce shooting bad guys with assault rifle and ak47 against death sniper. So snipe shooty and let’s hunt enemies who have deadly shotgun and become a shoot it sniper shooter 3d in this igi game.
Kill and attack real enemy with lever who is performing assault and become a chido army 3d commando counter because lives are at stake in army bases. There is extreme war going on and you are an elite equipped army man with killer firearms in this new free games 2017. Target every killer by aiming and shoting hothead enemy in sight with fierce courage and shoot range and let ruthless killer enemies aw in this dead shot killing games. Experience the best of sniper army games 2017.

Aim & target killer gun against enemies in field and fire bullets with xtreme pace to kill and become a fearless sniper bravo in this ninja camp for aw satisfaction. Show courage in this igi mission and be a long shot sniper man. Don’t cry like a kid in free fps game, clear army base area with extreme ak47 gun armory and remember your shooting practice of American sniper rifle in this marksmen sniper simulator that is best sniper games in the world. No army truck should escape & no blood should go wasted.

Complete best 3d city sniper mission duty and shoot a target assassin with aim by eliminating assassin’s life that are in shoot range in this easy to play ruthless hitman sniper duty game. Enjoy best shooting games ever made.

Collect gold coins and equip with best sniper rifles and pistols in US army sniper games. Kill terrorists by shooting enemy gunman.Snipe into army base unit and kill hit man with fury and don’t be an ordinary sharpshooter contract killer but be a tactical sniper marksman in this modern warfare sniper shooting game. Be an apic frontline commando counter and complete the military mission in this fps shoting game. Enemies may throw grenades and fire bullets with pistols so don’t be a dead man hothead victim of contract killer sniper marksmen and take action quickly in this American sniper battle army shooter 3d game. Attack enemy hiding in dust and sniper assassin rebellions with realistic gun leaving no exit for fierce killer because you are an army commando shooter to perform real mission in this best sniper game in 2017.
Eliminate all repetitive threats to army bases with headshots in this easy to play free shooter game.Complete shotting mission in duty army sniper 3d game. Kill different targets and show unique skills in massive shooting free fps offline gamewith multiple weapons in limited time. Earn free gold coins and points by hitting enemies by headshot.It’s not like any other military game because it’s best of free shooting games. Experience the best fps games offline
Multiple Rifles & levels
Ultra realistic 3d environment& HD Graphics
Sharpshooter shooting mission
Best offline shooting games without internet
HD Music& Gameplay
Multiple Zoom scopic view
free sniper game no wifi needed. i.e. shooting offline

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