Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass Two kicks off with the release of an amazing new mission called Rough Landing* which is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4! Plus, the FREE Trench Warfare Pack!

Rough Landing Pack
Allied airmen, including a high-ranking officer with critical intelligence, have been shot down over a dense woodland and are now being hunted by Nazi troops. Karl’s mission is to find the hidden pilots and retrieve the intelligence. Set deep in a forest and featuring a cramped mine shaft, expect plenty of close quarters combat which will test your skills.
Rough Landing also includes two new weapons, the Mosin-Nagant rifle and Sjögren shotgun. A famously powerful and reliable Russian rifle, the Mosin-Nagant has seen frequent use from its development in the 19th century to modern times. The excellent stopping power produced from its 7.62mm Russian rounds and its great stability make this an excellent sniper rifle at very long range.

The 12G Swedish Inertia was one of the first semi-automatic shotguns, featuring a unique inertia-operated system that would later be seen in various modern shotguns. The result of this system is a distinctive feel of the recoil, which can be controlled to deliver accurate shots with a reasonable rate of fire.

Included in this pack:
• Rough Landing Mission
• Mosin-Nagant rifle
• Sjögren shotgun

FREE Trench Warfare Pack
This FREE Weapons Pack gives you some devastating firepower perfect for close quarters combat in the shape of the Carl Gustav M/1945 SMG, the Trench Gun and a Double 1866 pistol.
The Carl Gustav M/1945, better known as the Swedish K, was adopted in 1945, taking features from various WWII firearms to produce a reliable and well-balanced sub-machine gun. Firing at 600 rounds-per-minute, the Gustav provides accurate single shots, whilst also offering great control in continuous fire.

A powerful pump-action shotgun, the Trench Gun first saw use by US Forces during World Wars I & II. Fed with 12-gauge shells from its 6-round tube magazine, it sacrifices range and fire rate for extreme damage in close quarters.

The Double 1866 is a double-barrel pocket pistol designed in the 19th Century as an easily concealable backup gun that can be drawn at speed. Despite only featuring a single-action trigger and producing a very low muzzle velocity, the D.1866’s unique traits make for a powerful weapon at close range.

Included in this pack:
• Carl Gustav M/1945 SMG
• Trench Gun shotgun
• Double 1866 pistol

*Content is available as part of Season Pass Two or to buy separately.
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