In this week’s news video I look at some of the latest and greatest free shooting games to be released on SideQuest. We also explore some great titles coming soon to the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 like Blair Witch, Population One, Jurassic World Aftermath and Walking Dead.

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Intro: 0:00
Cybercade: 0:37
Rhythm’n Bullets: 1:36
Fundamental Force: 2:52
Scrap: 3:41
Battle Arena VR: 4:32
War Yards: 5:13
Aim XR: 5:54
Brief Intermission: 6:39
Micro Monsters: 7:17
Blair Witch Project: 7:33
Population One: 8:18
Jurassic World Aftermath: 8:45
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: 9:05

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Rhythm’n Bullets:
Fundamental Force:
Battle Arena VR:
War Yards:
Aim XR:

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Micro Monsters:
Population One:
Jurassic World Aftermath:
Blair Witch:
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners:

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