How to build a simple, fast paced space shooter in Scratch based on the classic arcade game Asteroids, but with Lemons! In the first of this three part Scratch coding tutorial we cover player movement and the firing of lasers. This will then set us up for the really exciting part two where we can look at enemy Lemons, collisions, and splitting of the lemons. Part 3 will venture into the awesome explosion flashes, screen shake and more!

Wondering why Lemons? Well, Lemons were the first fruit to have achieved interstellar capability and are thus attempting to take over the universe. To tackle such a scenario we obviously need to fight back with rapid fire lemon busting lasers!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
01:06 The Player Sprite
03:04 Player Movement
07:17 The Laser Sprite
08:35 Laser Code
10:34 Firing the laser
13:09 Triggering lasers the right way
15:25 Outro

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