Here are the best shooter games that you can play, for free, with your XBox Game Pass subscription. These are some of the best game pass games available RIGHT NOW in the genre of first and third person shooters, so press play to find out what you’re missing!

If FPS and TPS games are your thing, then here are some of the best shooter games for you to get your teeth into as part of your XBox Game Pass subscription. I’ll take you through each one and let you know why I think they’re worth your time.

Best XBox Game Pass Games:
Best Zombie Games | XBox Game Pass:

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Halo Master Chief Collection
1:42 Gears 5
2:35 Destiny 2 / Outriders
5:05 Sniper Elite 4
6:14 Doom Eternal
7:35 Star Wars Battlefront
7:57 Titanfall 2
8:16 Outro

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