Snipe & Kill: A thrilling Story-based Offline Free Sniper Game.
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GAMEXIS brings Aim of Legend: Sniper Game 2019, a nonstop free shooting game full of story and thrill. Dare to play & challenge your war games skills in a very sequential manner. There is tons of challenging sniper missions waiting for you.

• A Free Game: Play on your Phone & Tablet
• Simple & Easy Tap-to-Shoot Controls
• Cool Animations & Realistic 3D Graphics
• Tons of Thrilling Story-based Missions
• Advance & Futuristic Sniper Guns
• Addictive & Engaging FPS Gameplay


Aim of Legend: Sniper Game 2019 has a gameplay matching the advance standards of sniper games & missions. You get futuristic arsenal & weapons to fight against enemy soldiers & spies. The sniper shooting gameplay takes you to a whole new level of fps fun.


In just one package, get a fps gameplay with different shooting missions & earn your spot in Aim of Legend. You have a chance to show your real sniper skills in fight against terrorists & state criminals. In every step of the game’s storyline, your sniper shooting skills will be tested on a whole new level.


The weapons you will find in store are different from typical weapons of free shooting games. Sniper guns are equipped with advance technology and are highly destructive. From high range sniper rifles to firing guns, you need to acquire the best weapons in order to kill high profile targets. As it is a stealth game, so you need a highly compatible scope gun. You will find different sniper guns; each one comes with different specifications. You need to be equipped with best sniper guns with updated scope range in order to clear these strategic missions.


The elite shooting game comes with very easy controls which counts it in best action games. In the gameplay screen, there is a target locator. The most amazing thing is, the sniper expert can easily place buttons anywhere on the screen.


Terrorists have planned to hijack a train yard outside city. You’ve limited bullets, so every fire will be counted in this mega shooting mission. Aim accurately like a legend sniper as these missions will require great fps shooting skills. Civilians are taken hostages and there is no way except eliminating the terrorists. Earning fame in this Aim of Legend: Sniper game won’t be easy.


Aim of Legend: Sniper Game 2019 gives you very clear and fully visible action & mission ground. Graphics are very intuitive and all buttons are placed right in the access range of player for easy free shot. Sharp 3D graphics and well-presented game enhance your ultimate shooting experience. High resolution visuals bring life to everything used in this action game. The environment plays a vital role in engaging enemy in anti-sniper missions with its real shooting spirits. Each target & scenario requires a special shooting style & strategy. This is very important to research the surroundings when a sniper is on the hunting with weapon on the back.